Website Design

Website design and development is our flagship service, building beautiful pages that any business owner can manage

The web has been around for years, and we take pride in being a part of it for so long. It has changed so rapidly, from simple text, to graphically rich and connective websites; we're committed to keeping websites up to date with the latest technologies and trends to create an identity that your visitors will love.

Beautiful on every browser

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With the huge choice of modern browsers available, the potential for differing experiences is high. No matter which modern browser your visitors choose to use, you can be sure it will look great.

Whilst harnessing the power of current and future standards (HTML5 and CSS3) it’s important to ensure that viewers on older browsers still receive the experience that gets them over the line.

Mobile Compatibility

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With the widespread popularity and global adoption of smartphones, mobile users make up a huge portion of visitors. Your site can be tailored to take advantage of these by ensuring your site is quick, fast loading and easy to read on mobile devices such as the Apple iPhone OS and the Android operating system, among others.

Logo Design

Mighty Atom Media understands that a logo is one of the key features in creating a successful brand-related marketing campaign. Logo development is not only an art, but a science. A successful logo encompasses the message, service, product and image of a business all in one.

We can work with you to create a functional logo which will capture the essence of your business into a form which will ultimately represent your business as whole.

Content Management

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Via content management, you and your staff have the ability to control the contents and changing needs of your website. You don’t need to keep coming back to the developer with an efficient content management system. Add and modify pages with the click of a button with the power of WordPress, Drupal and other effective solutions.

Ecommerce Solutions

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The ability to present products to visitors is important, but converting those visitors to customers is key.

With the use of analytics and expertise, stores of any size will have the ability to generate revenue. Regardless if you wish to handle payments in-house, or use an intermediary like PayPal, a solution is available for you.

iOS Applications

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Standalone Apple iPhone 3, 4 and iPad applications

Applications developed entirely for the apple mobile operating system iOS. Available on the app-store, customers are able to have access to your services and contact at any time. Featuring beautiful high resolution interfaces that make navigating your offerings a complete breeze.

Supporting the new resolution and pixel densities of the iPhone 4 and the huge screen real estate of the iPad, embrace the mobile age with an application worthy of their home screen.